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“Everything is Repeating”, Hirotaka Sugisaki

Project Name: a house, Date of Completion: 2022.5, Type: House, Location: Kakuda, Miyagi, Floor: 99.36m2, Photography: Masafumi Tsuji, Graphic Objects: Masayuki Makino, Printed and Bound in Japan
Four objects: 1/105*148.5×2, 2/105*148.5×4, 3/210*297×3, 4/210*148.5×2

“Karl! #0”, Karl!

Format: Cassette Tape, Dimensions: W130×H98×D18 (mm), Music&Lyrics: Karl!, Graphic Objects: Masayuki Makino, First Edition of 100 Copies, Printed&Bound in Japan, Published by Karl!